How Do I Choose Between Curtain Rods Or Curtain Tracks? | Review The 2023 Battle

Curtain rods and curtain tracks both offer an easy way to hang your curtains. And sometimes, you can use either. But then again, other times, you can’t. One of the most common questions we get at our Curtain Shop is, “How Do I Choose Between Curtain Rods Or Curtain Tracks?”

It’s a fair question since there are so many options for hanging curtains today. Sports fans may be familiar with this type of a decision, as choosing between a baseball bat or a home run approach to scoring runs has been the subject of debate for years.

For hanging curtains, you have two options: curtain rods or curtain rail tracks. Both are simple to install and add a decorative touch to your home. But which one is right for you? In this post, we’ll help you make an informed decision about the best choice for your home or office!

Choose Between Curtain Rods Or Curtain Tracks, Let’s Start The Battle!

Curtain Rods Or Curtain Tracks

While being the two most important accessories that are essential for hanging curtains efficiently, you may have to go with one that suits your needs. Both the options are great at offering a functional appeal to window dressing, only you have to decide which pair is best for your window treatments.

Choose between Curtain Rods or Curtain Tracks. You first need to know about the basic functionalities & types of curtain rods and tracks. In order to make you an informed decision, we are giving you an effective guide to know everything about curtain tracks & curtain rods. Let’s check out the features & functionalities of these two curtain window accessories!

Length Matters For The Curtains Rods & Curtains Tracks

Length Matters For The Curtains Rods & Curtains Tracks

The foremost difference between curtain tracks & curtain rods is the length. Rods for curtains are specifically designed with considerable length and are dedicated to shorter-width windows.

The good thing about curtain rods is that apart from holding curtains and giving them a perfect look, these rods are also used as decorative elements. On the other hand, considering curtain tracks, that are not concerned with the width or length.

You can easily use them in any size of windows. It is not really dependent on the length of the home curtains or the width of the window. You can get it installed and hang your curtains effectively.

Our Verdict!

Here curtain rods would be the preferable choice, because of their dual functionality being used for hanging curtains and also as a decorative assortment.

Position Of Wall Or Windows

Position Of Curtains Rod Anr Curtains Track
Coming towards the next consideration, we surely need curtain track or curtain rod for wall or window. Which one would be comfortably used depends on the direction or position of the window or wall.

For curtain rods, it would be more beneficial to be used on a straight wall or the window design should be straight not curved. This is because it would be hard for you to find the curvaceous rod and fix it on the window or wall. This rod will also not fix properly & installation will be difficult.

Whereas to choose between curtain rods or curtain tracks, you must know that Curtain tracks make you comfortable with the installation of curtains, whether, on windows & walls, they are not concerned with the design or position of the wall or window. You can easily fix them on the top and get your curtains installed.

Our Verdict!

Here, curtain tracks would be the preferable choice, because of their versatility and comfortability to be used in variable spaces.

Curtains Styles & Type

Styles For Curtain Rods And Tracks

So, to choose between curtain rods or curtain tracks, the style and type of your window dressing matters a lot. If you don’t know how? Then let us tell you that not every material, type, style, design, or size of curtains is comfortable to hang on curtain rods or vice versa with sliding curtain tracks.

With that concern, you must consider the proper design & type of curtain. Like curtains with lighter weight (sheer curtains, cotton curtains, linen curtains) or shorter windows can be easy to hang on curtain rods. You can easily adjust these curtains on the rod.

Whereas curtains with heavier textures and weight, like (blackout curtains, velvet curtains, linen curtains) can be comfortably hung in track curtains. With these tracks you don’t have to completely install curtains, just attach your curtains on a track and they are ready to hang.

Our Verdict!

With curtains type & style, we will suggest you find what suits you better. Considering your curtain type, you can go with any of these two curtain accessories.

Installation Requirements

Installation For Curtain Rods And Tracks

Indeed, an important consideration, you must consider the curtains installation parameters when you need to choose between curtain rods or curtain tracks. Talking about these two, both have different requirements for installation.

Curtain rods need corner brackets for fixing and Finial for the finishing look. They will enhance the overall look of your windows.

Whereas curtain tracks don’t need any supporting hardware; they are directly attached to the wall or window and allow you to install curtains. In short, curtain tracks are easy to install, and installing them can be a DIY project. However, no matter whether you need to install a curtain rod or curtain track, you can get professional services from a known service provider Window shutters. You get affordable & Efficient service from them!

Our Verdict!

Considering the installation parameters, curtains tracks are easy to install and also hang curtains easily. You can opt for them for a comfortable curtain hanging process!

Discussion Wrap Up!

So, to choose between Curtain Rods or Curtain Tracks, there are several factors that you need to consider. Reading the above guide will make you knowledgeable about the most important considerations that are required to make an informed decision.

We have listed almost all the aspects with proper explanation and experts’ verdict. You can read it carefully and get to know which one is important for you to choose. Hopefully, you will find the complete guide informative for you and will make an informed decision that suits your needs!!

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