How To Choose The Best Sheer Curtain? | Different Sheer Curtains Types

Sheer curtains are lightweight and translucent window covers that are installed in homes to provide privacy, filter light, and add aesthetics to the interior design. Sheer curtains add softness to the space and create an illusion that the room has more height.

These curtains are known as translucent curtains because they allow some light to pass but the objects cannot be seen through them. If you want to know how to choose the Best Sheer Curtain? then Sheer curtains can be used with other types of curtains according to the requirements of homeowners.

There are various types of sheer curtains on the basis of colors, materials, and applications. Sometimes, the selection of sheer curtains proves challenging because you don’t have much knowledge about the colors, designs, and patterns of the curtains.

In this blog, the experts at Window Shutters will deliver some facts and information to help you choose the best sheer curtain for your window.

Things To Consider Before Choosing the Best Type Of Sheer Curtain

Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Type Of Sheer Curtain

There are multiple factors that must be considered before choosing sheer curtains for window treatment. Here is a list of some important things that must be kept in mind before going through the selection process.

  • Heading style
  • Material
  • Color
  • Installation spot
  • Height from the floor
  • Color of the track
  • Opening direction
  • Operating mechanism

Heading Style

Heading style decides the overall look of the sheer curtain; therefore, it should be tackled with great care. There are basically three types of heading styles:

  • S-fold heading style
  • Eyelet heading style
  • Pleated heading style

S-Fold Heading Style

S-Fold Heading Style sheer curtains

The top of the sheer curtain bends back and forth along the track, creating a style like an alphabet “S”. This heading style presents a very attractive and sophisticated appearance to the curtains. The track is hardly seen, which is why the heading presents a wonderful look. It is up to you which heading style you like to choose.

Eyelet Heading Style

Eyelet Heading Style Sheer curtains

Eyelet motorized curtains are similar to S-Fold curtains in that they curve back and forth, but there is a rod that runs through each ‘S’ at the top. Instead of being linked to the track, a rod is passed through each hole in the top of the curtain, which is protected by a metal eyelet. This design is best suited for a classic home where the rod is the focal point.

Pleated Heading Style

Pleated Heading Style

This is the most traditional heading available for sheer curtains that can also make the space look attractive. More cloth is used with pleats that create bunches over the top of the curtain. Small hooks and rings are used to attach the sheer curtains to the track.


Sheer curtains are manufactured with different types of materials such as linen, cotton, and polyester. Viole is a material that is a combination of the previously mentioned materials. Curtains Dubai made with these materials are also available with different designs, prices, and colors. Go for the material that you can afford and would like to have in your home.


As the sheer curtains add softness to the room and filter the light, their color selection has great importance in this regard. When choosing the color of the sheer curtains, you should keep the tone of the flooring and walls in your mind. Most people opt for a white or grey color for their spaces, as these colors soften the light and view.

Installation Spot

Somehow, the color has been picked up and the material has also been decided. The next concern is where to install the sheer curtains. In this respect, the homeowners have to consider the architrave of the room. Install the sheer on a track from the ceiling, or halfway between the ceiling and the top of the window frame, if it’s a modern square-set architrave. If there is a decorated architrave, install the sheer curtain track on the wall.

Height From The Floor

Height From The Floor sheer curtains

Another decision you will have to make is whether the sheer curtains should be above the floor or on the floor. The first option is to raise the curtains above the floor by a few centimeters so that they should not touch the floor and prevent rubbing. The second option is to set them on the floor and allow rubbing. The choice is yours, but it is better to set sheer curtains off the floor.

Color Of The Track

You can make your curtain rails the center of attention if you choose a suitable color. The track will be rather transparent if you’re looking for an S-fold sheer hanging from the ceiling. However, if you want to make a statement, you can choose to put an S-fold just above the window frame, with a black track. The rod will be clearly evident if you choose an eyelet sheer curtain for a more classic decor.

As a result, picking the right colour is crucial. Therefore, make a wise decision when considering the colour of the track. You can choose a silver, brass, or black colour based on your preferences and the conditions of the under observation space.

Opening Direction

This aspect is sincerely related to the functioning of the sheer curtains. You will have to decide where and in what direction you want to open the curtains. The sheer should open in the middle and stack on either side of the door for dual French doors. When it comes to windows, the sheers are usually opened in the centre, with cloth piled on either side.

Operating Mechanism

Operating Mechanism sheer curtain

This is an important consideration, whether you will use a hand-drawn or cord-drawn mechanism. A wand that drops down from the curtain track opens hand-drawn sheers. You can’t see the stick since it’s normally translucent.

A string attached to one end of the window or door frame opens cord-drawn sheer curtains. They are operated in the same way as roller blinds are operated. It’s a basic chain system that doesn’t take much work to set up.

Types Of Sheer Curtains

There are many types of sheer curtains depending on material, such as cotton, linen, polyester, and voile. Different sheer curtains have different features, as various materials have a variety of characteristics. Some types are stated below.

  • Voile curtains
  • Semi-sheer curtains
  • Linen curtains
  • Faux linen curtains

Voile Curtains

Voil curtains are made with a combination of cotton, linen, and polyester. Voile sheer curtains are available in every color. These curtains are light in weight and create a gorgeous space in the room. People mostly prefer them on hot summer days.

Semi-Sheer Curtains

Semi-Sheer Curtains

Semi-sheer curtains offer somewhat more privacy than normal sheer curtains. They don’t prevent light from entering a room, but they do keep outsiders out. They’re composed of the same substance, but their coloring is more opaque to reduce transparency.

Linen Curtains

Linen is a material that is extracted from flax plants. Sheer linen curtains demand additional upkeep since linen wrinkles and stiffen when unclean. They are often not machine washable and must be taken to a dry cleaner.

Faux Linen Curtains

Faux Linen sheer Curtains

It is a blend of cotton and polyester rather than pure linen. Faux linen sheer curtains are cheap compared to real linen and need less care. Try a pleated design for a traditional, classic aesthetic in your living or dining area. Pleats are well-suited to faux linen because of how it hangs and falls from the curtain rod.

The Best Sheer Curtain | Conclusion

Researchers find it very difficult to suggest to homeowners one option for window treatment and home decor. All types of sheer curtains have salient features as well as some limitations. As already mentioned in this blog, the selection of curtains and How to Choose The Best Sheer Curtain is in fact dependent on their application, material, and requirements. You have gone through all the important factors to be considered while buying sheer curtains. It is entirely easy for you to choose only one option. Hopefully, you will contact our experts with any relevant questions.

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