Should Roman Blinds be Fitted Inside or Outside the Recess? | 2023 Guide

Roman blinds are fabricated blinds that pleat when tucked up. These blinds are manufactured from soft cloth using one piece of fabric. There are many merits and demerits to using roman blinds. These blinds can enhance the elegance and glamour of any room’s interior.

They are available in modern styles and trendy designs to best fit any space. Before we yammer on about whether Roman Blinds be Fitted Inside or Outside the Recess, we should define the purpose of having roman blinds and have a clear understanding of the window recess.

What is the Purpose of Roman Blinds?

Purpose of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds serve many functional and decorative purposes. These blinds frame your windows to impart a clean look to your room’s interior. Some people prefer roman blinds for their beauty and appealing looks, while others choose these blinds to create an illuminating and fresh atmosphere in the room.

Besides all these uses, roman blinds can also capitalize on the warmth in your room. The main purpose of having roman blinds is to allow more natural light into the room. This might be the reason to decide whether Roman Blinds be Fitted Inside or Outside the Recess.

What is a Window Recess?

It can be best described as the space between the inside wall and the glass of your window. It is also called a windowsill. A recess can be shallow (less than 7.5 cm) or deep. Blinds in Dubai cannot fit in a shallow recess. In that case, it is better to fit blinds outside the recess. Fitting blinds either inside or outside the recess has its pros and cons that one should consider.

Fitting Roman Blinds Outside the Recess

Roman Blinds Outside the Recess

For your query, Roman Blinds be Fitted Inside or Outside the Recess. We’ll discuss the different factors to consider while fitting roman blinds outside of a recess. Here, we’ve described various advantages and disadvantages of outside recess fitting of roman blinds.


  • When the blinds are tucked up, it allows more natural illumination in the room.
  • Such orientation of blinds will favor the blind’s color as it will not be affected by the warm glass surface during the hottest parts of the day.
  • You can choose standard-sized blinds and don’t require a professional to cut them down to size for this purpose.
  • It will eliminate the extra cost for professionals needing to cut down the size of blinds.
  • Roman blinds, when rolled down, will block more light as they are placed outside the recess.
  • Blinds fitted outside the recess don’t cause any mortal pain in the proverbial meaning they don’t interrupt the opening or closure of windows.
  • It is quite easy to hang roman roller blinds outside the recess as there is much more space for working and they can be attached to a bar to support their weight.
  • There are no problems in terms of lost space when hanging window blinds outside the recess.


  • The batten of the blinds is fixed into concrete, and it proves to be more difficult to fit than if it was wood.
  • The blinds will cover the window, which means they will hide any ornament or object you want to display in the window.
  • The cord loop or strings can give rise to hazardous conditions, like strangling, etc when blinds are fitted outside the window recess.

Fitting Roman Blinds Inside the Recess

Roman Blinds Inside the Recess

Roman blinds are the ideal blinds to fit inside the window recess. We have mentioned below some advantages and disadvantages of fitting roman blinds inside the recess.


  • Roman blinds can be fitted inside the recess to impart the window frame a tidy finish.
  • It allows fitting the shaft of the blinds into the wood, which is easier than if it was concrete.
  • Such an orientation of blinds will allow the display of any ornaments or showcase objects in the window.
  • There will be no strangulation hazards as the blinds are fitted within the window frame.


  • These blinds fitted inside a smaller-sized window recess can restrict the amount of light that comes through the window.
  • There is potentially some leakage of light in the blinds that have a shaped bottom that can cause problems in the rooms where one requires total darkness.

The Verdict!

The deciding factor in whether Roman Blinds be Fitted Inside or Outside the Recess comes down to the look you want to achieve and your own choice. Each orientation of the blinds has its own merits and demerits. For example, if your window blinds remain down all the time, you can choose to fit them inside the recess.

It will create a neat finish and also provide darkness in the room. For more natural illumination in the room (the basic purpose for using roman blinds), you can choose to fit your blinds outside the window recess.

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