How to Fix Broken or Bent Window Blinds? | Complete Step-by-Step Guide

The window blinds are one of the essentials of your home decor. They not only add that extra elegance to your living area but also help in keeping the sunlight out and allowing you to sleep peacefully during nighttime. Blinds comprise sturdier material but they can be damaged if you don’t properly take care of them. 

On many occasions, when the window blinds Dubai are pulled up from the edges, they get bent or broken. It can be frustrating to fix broken or bent window blinds or to call a professional to fix your blinds. However, there is no need to worry about it as there is an easy way. In this article, we’ll be discussing different damages that can happen to your blinds and how they can be repaired. 

Steps To Fix Broken Or Bent Window Blinds

Steps To Fix Broken Or Bent Window Blinds

Broken or bent blinds are one of the most annoying problems to face, especially if you have a lot of window blinds in your house. It can feel like an impossible task to fix them, but it isn’t. There are some easy ways to fix broken or bent window blinds easily. Let’s check out the damage and their solutions!

Your Blinds Slat Are Broken

Blind Slat Is Broken

Vertical blinds or horizontal blinds are found on windows or sliding doors that lead outdoors. These blinds are the most commonly used and put in high-traffic areas. These are easy for youngsters to grip and pets to swat.

That may lead to broken blinds slat. Only one or two broken slats can entirely ruin the look of your blinds. So you need to know about the solution for fixing it. Let’s check out the solution! At the top of the ripped-off or broken slat, you may see a place for a clip to slide into, which secures the blinds into the headrail.

So, you need to take down your blinds and punch a hole in the new slat. This way you can repair your blinds fast. After that, you may hang it up again. For fixing the damaged blinds slat, you can use strong tape or a paperclip can be a better option. After that, you can replace the blinds in the headrail,

Cracked or Bent Window Blinds Slat

Cracked or Bent Window Blinds Slat

If you have pets and kids in your space, then your blinds will surely get bent or damaged eventually as they love to play with them. They pull the blinds apart to look outside view that can damage your blinds.

In this way, your window panel blinds may break or bend. Fortunately, one broken slat does not mean that you buy a new window treatment. In fact, you can recover it by yourself.

To fix broken or bent window blinds, you need to remove the broken blind and replace it with an additional slat if you have one. Take a new slat and replace it with the damaged one. Let’s check out how you can fix it!

  1. Remove the blinds from the window and unscrew the broken slat from the blinds. 
  2. For that, you need to open the headrail and take out the damaged slat from that.
  3. Untie the knot by pulling the string through the hole.

Be cautious; you’ll need to re-tie or knot this thread after you’ve completed the repair.  

  1. Now you need to remove the lift string from the lift.
  2. Remove the broken slat and replace it with the new one. 
  3. Then re-thread the lift string, ensuring to keep the same path through the slats as before.
  4. Return the string to the base and tie each side together so they are the same length.
  5. Re-plug the sockets. You can use a hammer or a screwdriver to secure them.

Lift Cord Of Blinds Is Broken

Lift Cord Of Blinds Is Broken

The lift cord helps in the blind’s operation. You won’t be able to open or close the blinds without a lift cord. You can change the lift cord on your own. Look for one at a hardware shop near you. If you can’t find one, contact a Window Shutters Maker or go to a craft store to get a string.

  • First, you need to remove the blinds from the blind support brackets. 
  • Set the blinds on a flat surface, and then pull on the lift rope to bring all the slats together.
  • Consider cutting the cable where it frays and pulling the discarded portion out through the last bar.
  • Put the hot glue on the tips of the new and old cords together & fix them up in a three-inch-long ring of plastic electrical tape.
  • Pull the new lift cable through the corded route and rehang the blinds.
  • Now pass the blinds through the headrail and draw the old lift cable.
  • Take the new lift cable till the last slat and attach the plastic pulls to the new cord.

Your Blinds Are Jammed Together

Your Blinds Are Jammed Together

Have you ever tried to open your window blinds & they just refuse to move? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. You can make them work again normally. Let’s check out how to Fix Broken or Bent Window Blinds!

If the blackout blinds appear to be stuck, don’t force them open. Instead, track out the root of the snag and carefully work your way out of it.

  • Make sure the slats in the clips are correctly aligned. Make sure the ends are of the same length and that the slats aren’t tucked under one another. (If this is the case, you may only need to rotate them)
  • Spray the window blinds’ headrail with silicone spray.
  • To ensure that the silicone spray is uniformly covered, open and reopen the blinds all the way a few times.
  • They will be back to work in a matter of minutes.

In The End!

You may have seen your blinds can be damaged with excessive use. However, to fix broken or bent window blinds, there are a few methods that you need to follow. We have listed the methods and required solutions for those to fix your blinds.

Fixing your blinds can be a DIY project or you may get help from professionals like Window Shutter. They can get your blind perfectly fixed. Hope you will find this article informative and will provide the above-provided solutions. Let us know in the comment section if they worked for you!

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