How to Clean Wooden Blinds? The Complete Step-by-Step Guide.

The blinds are used daily and exposed to UV rays from the sun, dust, dirt, pollen, and bacteria. All these factors come together and can reduce the gleaming appearance of blinds. The dirty and dull appearance of your window blinds will also decrease the glamour of your home interior.

To keep the blinds properly functional and to maintain their glamorous look, one must clean wooden blinds regularly. However, it is not easier to keep your blinds looking and feeling brand new, especially in areas where there are dust storms, rainstorms, and other extreme weather.

Best Ways to Clean Wooden Blinds

There are many ways to clean wooden blinds. Some of these methods are used for specific strains or marking removal, while others are for increasing the shine of your blinds. We’ve recommended the simplest and easiest methods to clean wooden blinds at home with little expense.

1. Clean Wooden Blinds with a Dry Cloth

Clean Wooden Blinds with a Dry Cloth

Wooden bamboo blinds require a specific set of techniques to clean them, unlike metal, plastic, or cloth blinds. These blinds should not be cleaned with any ordinary liquid agent or water because the excessive moisture content in them will prove detrimental to the blinds. Cleaning with water regularly will cause the blinds to expand and warp, diminishing their appearance.

The easiest method to clean wooden blinds is to apply a lint-free dry cloth. Dust the blinds while they are closed to wipe any dirt particles off them. Open the blinds and repeat the procedure for thorough cleaning of the blinds. It will help to remove all the dust from the underside of the slats. Some people prefer using a thin soft duster for this purpose, while others use specialized cleaning tools to dust their blinds.

2. Choose a Damp Cloth to Clean Wooden Blinds

Choose a Damp Cloth to Clean Wooden Blinds

The window blinds Dubai face the weather and have persistent spots over the surface blinds. These markings cannot be cleaned using a soft duster or a dry cloth. For this purpose, it is recommended to use a damp cloth to clean your blinds of any marks or spots on the surface of the blinds. However, it is advised to rub the damp cloth lightly to clean wooden blinds. It is because harsh buffing will affect the paint or varnish that finishes your blinds.

This damp cloth will lift the stain marks and then a dry cloth can remove the marks. It is an easy way to remove stubborn stains from wooden blinds. The stains may be from any markings, rain effects, or bird droppings and are sometimes difficult to clean. In this way, a damp cloth can clean the blinds and maintain their gleaming appearance.

3. Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Wooden Blinds

Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean Wooden Blinds

A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment can clean wooden blinds. For this purpose, grab one slat at a time and run the vacuum over the slat to clean the slat thoroughly. Repeat the same method for all the slats to clean them. If the topmost blinds are not in your reach, then use a well-positioned stool to make it up to them for cleaning.

It is an efficient way to clean wooden blinds at home at no expense. This cleaning method is more effective as compared to the dry or damp cloth method. However, a powerful force of suction can damage the blinds by pulling the slats downward. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the slats in your hand and apply less force to clean wooden blinds.

4. Shine Wooden Blinds Using a Wood Conditioner

The constant sunlight affects the wooden panel blinds, and their shiny appearance fades away ultimately. You can use a wood conditioner to restore the gleaming look of the blinds after cleaning them. A lemon oil conditioner applied to the cords and hardware is best to bring back the glittering look of the clean wooden blinds.

5. Clean Wooden Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Shine Wooden Blinds Using a Wood Conditioner

Automated wooden blinds that are installed to provide convenience and energy efficiency don’t require taking them down to clean them. A regular dusting routine helps keep the beauty of these blinds. For thorough cleaning, position the slats using a remote and don’t move the slats manually as it may damage the slats. Don’t pour any water over the surface of the blinds to prevent any expansion or wrapping of the blinds.

Easiest Methods to Clean Faux Wooden Blinds

Faux wooden blinds differ from real wooden blinds in their composition. Faux blinds comprise a combination of polymers such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl, or composite. These blinds have regular and similar repetitive grain patterns to distinguish them from real wooden blinds. However, they can mimic natural wooden blinds, especially when they have a varnish finish.

Faux blinds require different methods to clean them as they are not manufactured from natural wood, so any moisture content won’t affect their appearance. The best way to clean faux blinds is with a microfiber cloth or soft duster. To tackle stubborn marks and stains, dip a cloth in a mixture of water and detergent.

The EndNote!

A clean window blind intensifies the glamour and lavishness of your room. It preserves the air quality of your room and provides a clean environment in your room. It is advised to clean wooden blinds regularly to reduce your workload and also to maintain the appearance of your blinds. Such a cleaning routine will keep your blinds in top shape for the best performance. Now you know how to clean your wooden blinds for the best decorative and functional results.

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